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DEFINITION: A technique is any move that a character can use to perform a special action such as a power-up, hold move, or defense move.

All techniques have requirements to learn them. Some techniques require certain quests to be completed, are inherent and learned automatically, are learned from a quest, or are learned from an NPC. There are four main types of techniques: Inherent, Universal, Racial, and Personalized.

Inherent techniques are natural abilities of your warrior. Either they come when your character is first created or they are gained by your character meeting certain requirements. These techniques do not require learning by role playing. They are automatically learned whenever your character meets the requirements for them. It is important to note that it is not the administration or moderation team's responsibility to tell you when an inherent technique can be learned or upgraded. It is the character's responsibility to know the requirements and post in the Level-Up forum when a new technique/upgrade is gained.

These techniques can be learned by any character in the RPG, but usually require a quest to be completed or a certain number of Power Level or points in a stat to obtain. When you meet all the requirements to learn a universal technique you must role play obtaining it; how your character discovered the technique and how he mastered and trained his body and mind to be able to use it. There is no limit to the techniques you can learn, but learning a technique takes an entire OOC day to do (No quests or any other form of training may be done on that day until the next day).

Learning techniques must be posted in the forum of the Planet you are located on, in the following format:

[Learning Technique] (Name of Technique)
Ex. [Learning Technique] Kiaoken, Beginner

Racial techniques are abilities given to your character based on his race. Saiyan are strong warriors, humans are smart and inventors, and Nameks have healing and regeneration abilities. These techniques are usually inherent, but they are specific to your race and they cannot be learned by any other race.

Personalized techniques are a sub-category of Universal Techniques. Like Universal Techniques, Personalized Techniques can be learned by any character. The difference lies in the fact that they are customizable techniques that you create specific for your character. A name, description, effect, cost, and/or side effects are all created by you in the parameters of the description of the technique. You must role play learning any Personalized Technique and any Personalized Technique must be approved by administration.

Key words used in techniques:
You must role play your character obtaining each proficiency in this move when you meet the requirements.

Your character must role-play learning the move, but increasing levels of it are just assumed and updated when you meet the requirements.

Learned from (Person/Quest):
Your character must role-play learning the move inside the quest or from the person or quest.

Characters who meet the minimum requirements automatically learn this technique

Techniques learned that are personalized are created by the character much like an attack is created. A name, effect, and side effects are created by the character within the parameters of the description. Multiple techniques can be created with 1 personalized move. An example of this would be creating 2 multiple form techniques, one that splits into 2 forms and one that splits into 4. Any additional techniques created from 1 personalized move must be RPed for. All created techniques must be approved by administration
NOTE: Unlisted applications of techniques that are personalized may be pursued, by the approval of an administrator.

Techniques are set up in this format:

[Learned from/where]

[Level of proficiency]
(Repeated however many levels their are)

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