King Vegeta's Legacy

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The Game In Short

King Vegeta's Legacy is an open ended text based role playing game. Open ended means that this RPG is not set to a beginning and an end, meaning that we do not know who will die when, or what will happen to whose character. A huge telling fact about this point is that this RPG Does Not follow the story line of the Dragonball Z series. Your character's story is made up by you, and you have no real knowledge of any other character in the game until you meet them. Text based means that this RPG is not bound completely by numbers. The entire training system is based on how well you can write and role play. The numbers that are involved with this game are your character's stats, used for fighting and sparring, as well as meeting requirements to learn new attacks or techniques.

I am going to start off by saying that this RPG is in no way quick to learn or pick up. A lot went into designing this game and that is shown by how complex and involved it is. This is not to scare you away, but inspire you. The open-ended aspect of this game is huge. You can create your own attacks or your own techniques. Your character won’t loose to everyone that has a power level higher than you. You are going to have to think when battling and when designing your character. This game is very fun and I hope you take the time to learn and play


Current News
10/20/08 King Vegeta's Legacy saga is coming!

On Monday, October 27th will be the day that something lands on Earth and Namek.
Something...unforeseen, unexpected, and will blow your character away!
Train and be ready.
Join the RPG and participate in the first saga!

Til next time,
-King Vegeta

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