King Vegeta's Legacy

General Rules

All of these rules must be followed by all members of the RPG. Consuquences will occur if the rules are broken.

1) No excessive flaming.
In character you will be bashing each other, which is not considered excessive. What is considered excessive is focusing all your negative effort on another character all the time, only attacking one person because you don't like them rather than playing out the game as your character would. Also flaming out of character is not permitted. This will result in a warning first, then further punishment if it persists. Out of character is where this rule mostly applies.

2) If you sign up, then play.
This is a big one. Don't sign up for this RPG unless you are willing to actually play. You are not expected to have complete dedication, but a few posts a week is not too much to ask. Your place will be taken if you are inactive for more than 2 weeks, plain and simple. That's being inactive without reason or notification. Meaning if you go on vacation for 3 weeks, you will not be kicked out, a post letting administration and other members know the amount of time you will be gone for will be expected and required.

3) No SPAM, hentai, porn, excessive swearing, racial slurs, religion bashing, and respect members overall.
These are common sense, be a good member is a simplified way to state this rule. Don't make another member feel offended is the bottom line.

4) What Administrators and Moderators say goes!
Administration reserves the right to override any rule, make any exception, and make judgment calls. These calls cannot be fought against, and if they are, you will loose. This goes for any moderators that are appointed as well.

5) Don't bother administration
Do not send administration or moderators an email or post a message asking them to become a moderator, or saying that you are willing to become an administrator. It will be deleted. Moderators will be personally chosen based on administrator's opinions, and maybe other members as well.

6) What's IC stays in IC and vice versa
You cannot use OOC knowledge and information to affect the role plays. For example, you character DOES NOT know the PL of his opponent without a Scouter, Ki Sense, or any other PL recording item/ability.

7) No multiple accounts
Self explanatory, if multiple account names are found, which is very easy to tell mind you, both accounts will be deleted and your IP banned from the site

8) No plagiarism
Simple rule. Do not copy someone else’s work, either in or outside this RPG. Every single RP will be checked for validity.


General Definitions and Rules of the Game


The Rounding Rule:
If at any time an effect would be calculated to be a number other than a whole number (examples of non whole numbers would be 1.21, 2.33, and 4.01), the number is automatically rounded up unless otherwise stated. For example, Vegeta uses an attack that does 19 damage to Goku. Goku blocks the attack with Block Beginner, reducing the damage by 50%. This would be 9.5 damage, but The Rounding Rule rounds it up to 10 damage.


1) Turn
A turn is defined as the time from one action to the next. For example, if I would perform an attack and then the opponent would attack me, once it becomes my action again, one turn has passed.

2) One OOC day.
For all effects (including the limit on training), the time one OOC day is defined as 12:00am to 11:59pm in EAST time. This is the time that is standard on the forum. Once the date on the forum has changed to a new day, one OOC day has passed.

3) Defense
A defense is defined as any effect that you use after an opponent attacks you. This includes Block, Ki Battle, Speed, and Defense Move. This does not include any armor.

4) If successful effects
Some effects in the RPG contain the tag ‘If successful’. This is defined as an effect that the attack used against the opponent containing the effect must not be defended against. If successful effects still take place if the attack does no damage, reduced by the opponents defense mod, armor, or any other effect that is not a defense. If successful effects take place after the opponent has a chance to defended, but before he has a chance to attack on his turn.

4) Secondary effects
If an effect in this RPG does not contain the tag ‘If successful’, the effect is considered a Secondary Effect. This is defined as an effect that takes place instantly (Before damage is calculated) when the attack is performed.

5) Cost
A cost is defined as something that must be paid in order to perform an attack or technique. Whether it is HP, KP, or any other stat, a cost must be paid before the attack is performed and before any effects (Secondary) take place. If you do not have enough of the cost needed to perform the attack or technique, it cannot be performed.

6) Pay
Paying a stat (HP, KP, or another stat) is purely optional. When you perform an attack or technique, if it has the option to pay a stat for some added effect, you decide to pay for the effect or not when you perform it.

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