King Vegeta's Legacy

Stats of Your Character

Your starting stats are dependent on your race, and is determined when choosing your character. The stats each character has is as follows:

Power Level
Battle Level
Hit Points


Power Level:
Power Level, or PL, is the overall power rating of your character. The higher this stat is, the more powerful your character is. This stat increases with most actions performed in this RPG.

Each time you perform an action, you may receive Power Level. As you progress with your character and gain more and more Power Level, you may get to a point where your character raises a Battle Level.

Battle Level:
Battle level is a more specific gauge of how powerful your character is. As you gain Power Level (PL), it is possible to raise your Battle Level. Every time your Battle Level raises by one, you gain the following:
-One point into a stat of your choice
-Either a number of attack points or a number of skill points, depending on your battle level
-A certain amount of HP, depending on your Defense and Power.
-A certain amount of KP, depending on your Ki and Intelligence.

In this RPG, there is no maximum PL your character can be. Because of this, there is no maximum Battle Level.

The listing of Battle Levels and their corresponding Power Level is found on the Battle Level page.

Hit Points:
Hit points, or HP, is the measure of life your character has. Every time your character is hit with an attack, your hit point statistic goes down. If your hit points reaches 0, you are considered knocked out. If your character's hit points are reduced while knocked out, your character is considered killed. This stat increases each time a Battle Level is gained.

Ki Points:
Ki Points, or KP, is the endurance, or the amount of uses, your character has in regards to ki based attacks. Each time your character uses an attack that is based on ki, it uses a portion of your KP statistic. When your KP runs out, you cannot use any more ki attacks or techniques that use KP. This stat increases each time a Battle Level is gained.

Power is your characters physical strength. This stat greatly affects the overall damage done with your character by physical attacks and also has a minimal effect on your hit points when a Battle Level is gained. POW also affects certain techniques that need a certain amount of Power for you to begin training for them.

Ki is the overall strength of your ki based attacks; the punch of your beams if you will. Ki greatly increases the damage your character does with ki based attacks. Ki also has a small effect on your KP gained when you raise a Battle Level. And again, like Power, Ki affects the techniques you are able to learn.

Speed is how quickly your character can move, whether it is in or out of battle, dodging attacks, or just showing off. Speed determines who acts first in a fight or spar and also affects the ability to escape from a fight.

Defense is your ability to shrug off damage or your ability to shield or deflect attacks sent at you. The more points in this skill, the more powerful defense techniques you can train for. A high defense value also allows your character to shrug off damage in general. Defense has an large effect on how much HP is gained when you raise a Battle Level.

Intelligence, or INT, increases your net gain of Zeni per week by allowing you to get a better job. It also affects your mental advantage over the opponent and can affect many techniques you may want to learn in the near future. Intelligence is the most used stat in techniques and has large effect on the KP gained when raising a Battle Level.

HP and KP:
The Hit Points and Ki Points of your character are the only stat that is constantly changing. When you are hit with an attack you loose HP and when you use a technique or attack that uses Ki Points you loose KP. These values do not return back too normal over time. There are only two main methods of recovering lost HP and KP in this RPG: Resting Outside of Battle and Rejuvenation Chambers.

Temporary Stat Changes:
Throughout the game, several effects may alter and change your stats such as power ups and items. When these effects give you any TEMPORARY effect of an increases stat, it DOES NOT affect your HP or KP. This rule does not apply to any effect that is not temporary, such as a stat that is increases in a quest, or an item that permanently increases your stats after used.

This same rule is also applied to stat increases when learning new techniques. Temporary stat increases do not allow your character to learn new techniques he would normally be unable to learn without the increase. However, permanent increases allow this.

Temporary stat increases or decreases CAN change the level of proficiency of your techniques. If you meet the requirements for the next level of proficiency by using a temporary effect, your character is considered to temporarily know that level and can use its effects, rather than the lower level. This also applies to having your stats lowered. If your stats are lowered and you no longer meet the requirements for a technique or a level of proficiency, you cannot use it until the temporary effect wears off.

Temporary stat increases can also raise your character a Battle Level. While this effect can alter the use of techniques, it does not allow your character to gain the level up Stat Points, HP and KP, and Skill Points or Attack Points.
For example, if Vegeta had 31,000 PL and used Kaioken x1 to bring his PL to 32,000, he would raise his Battle Level from 9th to 10th. This would not give Vegeta a Stat Point or 2 skill points as it would if he would normally raise a Battle Level, but instead (for as long as the Kaioken is in effect) he is considered a Battle Level higher for effects.

Stat Modifiers:
Each stat has a stat modifier. As you gain Battle Levels and increase your stats, your modifier increases with the stat. Modifiers are used for damage, technique effects, items, and other uses. Starting from 10, each 2 points into a stat gives +1 modifier.

For example: If Vegeta had 12 Speed, 20 Power, and 10 Intelligence, His Speed modifier would be +1, his Power modifier would be +5, and his Intelligence modifier would be +0.

The modifiers are as follows:
POW for your Power modifier.
KI for your Ki modifier.
SPD for your Speed modifier
DEF for your Defense modifier.
INT for your Intelligence modifier.

Any time an attack, technique, or item uses the notation: KI or POW, that is the modifier and not the actual value for your stat.

For example: If Vegeta uses a Average grade Ki attack that does 8+(KI x3) damage and 8+KI cost in KP and Vegeta has 20 Ki (a Ki modifier of +5), the attack would do 23 damage and cost 13 Ki Points.

Alignment is how a character treats the world. Whether he a is a bad person or a good one is represented in their alignment. There are 7 alignments that exist in this RPG, and there are as follows:

+3 Pure Good.
Your character is a saint. Knowing only what is right and never straying from the path of righteousness.
+2 Good
Your character has good morals, but isn’t perfect. Maybe your character had a bad past, but is now pure. Maybe your character is good most of the time, but rarely has his questionable moments. For the most part, however, you are just.
+1 Neutral Good
Your character doesn’t really care about good or evil. Maybe he only looks out for himself. He does some shady things, but has mostly good intentions.
+0 Neutral
Your character does actions on his will, good or bad. These words mean nothing to him. Good and bad are only relative anyway, right?
-1 Neutral Evil
Not really evil, but in no way good. Your character might do some bad things here or there but doesn’t really have a problem with people.
-2 Evil
Doing non-conventional things excites your character. You’re a bad ass. No one can stand up to you and everyone should run while they can. While being evil, your character still has a conscience. He doesn’t do unnecessary things.
-3 Pure Evil
You’re just unnecessary. Killing people to see their blood splatter. Ending lives for fun. Committing crimes to hurt people. You are a monster.

The currency in this RPG is Zeni. Each character begins with 5,000 Zeni and can gain more to purchase items with from Quests, Fights, and a characters job.

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