King Vegeta's Legacy

Joining the Role Playing Game

How to become a member of this DBZ universe!

First, as a very smart and vital piece of advice, please read the rules pages of our site in it's entirety, so there is no confusion as to what is involved in this RPG.

To begin, you must choose a character; this character is preferably an actual character from the Dragon Ball Z/GT series. The limit on character selection is that no characters from the Dragon Ball AF or any other variation of Dragon Ball that there is. Also no fusion characters may be used, since these characters are created from other characters.

New members may inquire about creating their own character. Each race has restrictions on how many characters can be created using the specific races. When filling out an application and creating a custom character, be sure to state that it is a custom character.

A decent listing of some/most available characters from the show and a listing of the limits on creatable characters: Available Character List

NOTE: New members, please do not create an account on the message board. One will be created for you after you have applied.

Next, you must make a post in our message board following the format listed below:

Name of Character:
Race: (Android, Saiyan, Human, Changeling, Alien, Namekian)
Planet: (Earth, Vegeta, Namek)
Attacks: (3)
Email Address:
Role-play Example:

Name of Character:
A decent listing of some/most available characters: Available Character List
This is the name of your character from the DragonBall Z/GT series or created by you. Some characters include Vegeta, Goku, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien...etc. This character may not be already being played, and you may not have different aged characters be separate.
Ex: Teen Gohan and Adult Gohan are NOT separate characters.

Separate Character Exceptions: All the following characters are considered separate characters
Chibi Trunks and Future Trunks
Majin Buu(Fat), Kid Buu, and Super Buu
Vegeta and Majin Vegeta
Gohan, Saiya-Man, Future Gohan
Videl and Saya-woman (Saiya-man 2)
Cooler and Meta Cooler
Broly and Bio Broly
Uub and Papayaman
Goten, Chibi Trunks, and Mightymask

This is the Race of your character. Most often than not your characters race will be said throughout the show. Each race has different abilities associated with that race which is explained later, so choose wisely! The races are Android, Saiyan, Human, Changeling, Alien, and Namekian.

Choose the alignment for your character, describing how evil or how good you are. Alignments are: Pure Good, Good, Neutral Good, Neutral, Neutral Evil, Evil and Pure Evil. Descriptions of these Alignments can be found in the Rules/Help section.

In a few key words, describe to others what your character is like, using words like Courageous, Prideful, Stubborn, Light-hearted...etc.

Weight and Height:
These are the approximated weight and height of your character. Judge by pictures of that character.

This is the planet you begin your role playing adventure on. The choices are Earth, Vegeta, or Namek. The planet you begin on is 100% preference; race is no factor in your choice, although it is not a bad idea to base your choice on race.

Make up, or get inspiration from the show, three attacks. Each attack must have an attack description, what type of damage the attack is (Ki or Physical), a grade, the cost of the attack if it is a ki attack, and the damage the attack does. The attacks grade you make are up to 1 Average grade attack, and 2 Small grade attacks.

Email Address:
This is so administration can contact you with your username and password information.

Role-play Example:
This is the most important element of the application to this RPG, the role-play example. This is a short, sweet, and simple 200-400 word example of your role-play skills. It can be, but doesn’t have to, using the character you are applying for and can contain anything. Battles, history of your character, or dialog are just a few examples.

See an example here!

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