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Alliances are groups of characters that share a common goal or message that are lead by a leader. Usually the leader is the strongest, or the most organized, or the best decision maker. Alliances can be created, joined, and can have bases.

Forming an Alliance:
To form an alliance you must post in the Alliance Creation forum, in the format below:
Name of Alliance:
Alliance description, motto, mission:
Alignment Requirement:
Other Requirements (Optional):
Your ranking system and any current members:

Alliance Name: Devil's Advocate
Mission: "We kill the innocent and save no one!"
Alignment: Must be evil (-1, -2, -3) Ranks:
Master, Vegeta
Member, Goku
Grunt, Goten

After your alliance is formed, you may begin saving up for a base, form relationships with other alliances, and recruit members.

Joining an Alliance:
To join an alliance, simply post in the Alliance Joining forum, stating your name, what alliance you wish to join, and why you are worthy to join that alliance.

Benefits of being in an Alliance:
If meeting awesome members wasn’t enough of a benefit for you, there are several others:
-Access to bases
-Fellow members of alliances may join fights to assist without waiting until two turns of the fight has passed
-You may spar once per week with an alliance member that does not take up any spars for the week

Bases are your alliance strongholds that can contain valuable items. Each base has a planet onto which it resides on, and a base cannot be purchased without an alliance. Bases are bought by the leader of the alliance, and the leader may ask for additional help from the members to assist in funding the base. Each base can only have a certain number of members, thus limiting your alliance roster to a certain number when you have a base, or merely limiting the number of members of your alliance that has access to the base.

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