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DEFINITION: A skill is a stat that does not have a direct effect on your character. As your character gains Battle Levels, Skill Points are gained and distributed into skills of your choice.

Skills represent general knowledge and traits your character possesses. From being skilled at physical combos to having a strong disposition, each skill defines the kind of person your character is. Skills have no direct effect on stats and damage of your character. Instead, Skills allow your character to learn techniques that represent a higher understanding or focus in that skill.

For example, having a high determination skill represents your characters willpower and ability to persevere through hardship. While this does nothing directly, techniques such as Super Saiyan and Genki Dama require a certain level of determination skill to learn them.

Every skill in the game has a max level of 100 and starts at a level of 0. Every time your character raises a Battle Level, either a number of Skills Points or a number of Attack Points are gained. Skill points gained in this way are spent on a skill of your choosing.

Current list of Skills:

Ki Manipulation:
Ki Manipulation is the ability to control and manipulate your ki abilities. High points in this skill are required to do many interesting things with ki, ranging from stunning moves to hold moves and more.

Determination represents your character’s willpower and ability to persevere through hardship. Characters with high Determination never get discouraged in their failure and always press on. This skill is required for many techniques that involve struggle or that are particularly difficult to learn.

Characters with more skill in Grapple fair better when Grappling with an opponent. Your opponents may find your attacks while in a grapple to hit a bit harder, come a bit faster, and be more difficult to dodge or block.

Ki Battle:
The Ki Battle skill is for characters that really like to have a blast. High points in Ki Battle will give your character an advantage over others when inside of a Ki Battle. Your beams will seem more powerful and may even have some nasty side effects.

Any character can block an attack, but a true master of blocking can be set apart from the masses. A high Block skill can give your character more efficient Blocking and even deflect some attacks.

Martial Arts Skill ________:
Currently not in use, the Marital Arts skill represents your character having mastered a certain level of the several martial arts that exist in the world. As your Martial Arts skill increases in the style of your choice, your character will learn new ways to use his body as a weapon or a tool. NOTE: This skill cannot be raised since Martial Arts do not exist

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