King Vegeta's Legacy

Staff and Affiliates

Current Staff Members:

1) King Vegeta
Site Designer, Message Board Designer, RPG Developer, and Story Developer
AIM: KingVegetaLegacy

2) Majin Vegeta
Stat Updater
AIM: Majin Vegeta

Website Affiliates:

DBZ Sagas

DBZ Sagas

DBZ Sagas is a fan created Dragonball, Z, and GT website that was everything from Dragonball images to games.

Becoming an affiliate:

If you wish to become an affiliate for this site, please fill out the following form, and email it to:

Website Name:
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Why you wish to become an affiliate:

In order to be an affiliate, for me even to consider you, you must follow the following guidelines:

-Site has to be DBZ related
-No explicit material
-Must display full button image for my site, which will be provided at a later date, on a reasonably visible part of your site.

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