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Items are purchased in the various shops across the galaxy. Each item you buy costs Zeni, and if you do not have enough Zeni for the item, it cannot be purchased. When buying items you must post in the Item Purchase forum, including the amount of Zeni you have, the cost of each item you are purchasing, and the Planet you are on.

Different Types of Items:
Items are divided into categories as follows; Clothing, Ships, Android Upgrades, Weapons, Technology, and Various Items.

Clothing are items physically worn by your character. You may wear numerous articles of clothing, though you may only wear one piece of each of the following types; Wrist, Feet, Chest, Head, and Cloak. These items are considered on your character after purchased and are always on, in and outside of battle, unless otherwise stated.

Ships and Ship upgrades are located here. Ships are used in Universal Travel, which is explained later.

Android Upgrades:
The race android can upgrade their circuits with upgrades that are under this category. Each upgrade may only be purchased once, unless specified otherwise. These items are considered on your character after purchased and are always on, in and outside of battle.

Weapons are items that can be used in conjunction with, or used completely in attacks created by the character. Some weapons are enchanted or enhanced to add an effect to the welder of the weapon. Guns are their own attack, and do not need to be used in an attack created by the character.

Technology items are items that were created from the advanced society of the planet you are buying the item from. This can be different from planet to planet, since not all are technical geniuses.

Various Items:
Any item that does not fall into the other categories

Perishable and Non-Perishable Items:
Perishable items are one time use items, meaning that after you use the item once, it disappears from your inventory and in order to use it again, you must repurchase it. Non-Perishable items are permanent and have infinite uses once you buy them.

Items are listed in the following format:

Name of Item

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