King Vegeta's Legacy


Current News

10/20/08 King Vegeta's Legacy saga is coming!

On Monday, October 27th will be the day that something lands on Earth and Namek.
Something...unforeseen, unexpected, and will blow your character away!
Train and be ready.
Join the RPG and participate in the first saga!

Til next time,
-King Vegeta

Old News:


09/27/08 King Vegeta's Legacy is Officially Open!

The transition from version 1.01 to version 2.00 is complete!

Please, all old/current members look over all the of posts in the content update section of the message board as it is described in there what has changed.

Sign-ups are officially underway and RP posts may now be made! We being the first saga when we have 10-15 members.

All prospective members, please posting in the joining the rpg forum on the message board to join our world!

Til next time,
-King Vegeta

09/15/08 Changing upcomming. Staff Needed

Slower than I would've hoped, the changes to the game are comming along nicely. So far the new way stats are going to work is half way completed in the Rules/Help section and the message baord is slowly being completely changed over to this system.

I have relized that these changes cannot be made while making content updates to this RPG, so I have decided to reach out.
Since this site does not have any real concrete player-base yet, this is a long shot, but I will ask reguardless. I am looking for 3 to 4 staff members. They will gain an automatic spot in the RPG as a character of their choice, and recieve pearks I have not decided yet. I need the following:
1 Stat Updater, 1-2 People:
This person will be in charge of increasing any PL gained by players in the game, update profiles with new looks, changes in character sheets from leaning attacks, techniques, or buying items.
2. Quest Creater, 1-2 People:
This person will be in charge of creating quests for the RPG. Currently the site has around 20 Earth quests, 15 Vegeta quests, 18 Next Dimension quests, and 14 Namek quests. I have not gotten around to developing quests for Kanassa, Dark Star, and Yardrat yet, and more quests should be created for Earth, Vegeta, Namek, and Next Demension as well.

Til' Next Time!

09/07/08 Version 2.0 of King Vegeta's Legacy

So, I bet you are wondering where I've been for the last, oh, two years? Haha.

Two years older, two years smarter and since I have a lot of free time on my hands with me in college, I decided to not let all the work I placed into this site go to waist.

Saying that, after reading the rules and how to play my game, I've decided to make HUGE changes. The essence of the game will stay the same.

One major change is going to be the battling and sparring. I am going to make the damage and stats more simple and have less calculation.
Emails have been sent out to past members to raise some interest.
I hope you read the site and watch the changes unfold.

Til' Next Time!

08/10/06 Version 1.01 of King Vegeta's Legacy

Ok guys, now I am happy with the RPG. Yay! Launch King Vegeta's Legacy out of beta and into version 1.01.

Everyone needs to keep voting for the site! Keep voting all all three topsites every day please!

Members please look over the site in full, since ALOT has changed in the past 4 weeks

New Members and Prospective Members, please join, this is a very prominant site!

Til' Next Time!

07/09/06, Complete battle system change

Ok, this took me forever. But I did it. I completely re-amped the entire way we fight and spar, I hope you guys like it. I'm not done with all the changes that need to be made as of yet, but look it over in the Rules and Help page and check it out!

Post your comments in the Q and A forum.


07/08/06, Some quick announcements

Ok, things are picking up speed with this RPG.

I have decided to hire a very good html person I know to design the skin for our new website! At this point, I will be changing the name of this RPG to......

King Vegeta's Legacy

I hope you guys like the new name. Once our member base hits at least 10, we will begin the first saga, so appropriately named, The legacy of King Vegeta. This will take place on Planet Vegeta. More information later!

I will continue to update the following:
-More quests located on Vegeta, Arlia, Kanassa, Yardrat, and Dark Star
-Quests will now have a backstory RP leading up to the quest so you can RP into it more easily.

Also, keep a look out for the following updates some time in the distant future:
-Jobs will be more detailed and well drawn out. Consisting of key corporations on each planet. Earth, capsule corp. Vegeta, the planetary military. Namek, the farming community. And so on.
-Martial Art Styles of fighting! In which include masteries of these styles, learning from masters across the universe, being able to teach other members the style, and obtaining new and fresh martial arts techniques!

07/06/06 A few updates to note

I have made the following updates:
-Quest RPs now have a minimum word count requirement. Admins and Mods will not be anal about this minimum requirement, but it will be inforced.
-Self-Train is now an option for training. You may now train officially without quests or other people and always get stat points.

Check the Rules/Help page for complete information on these updates.

Also, see the following changes comming soon:
-More quests located on Vegeta, Arlia, Kanassa, Yardrat, and Dark Star
-Quests will now have a backstory RP leading up to the quest so you can RP into it more easily.

Until next time!

07/02/06 Now that we have members!

I'm glad the people who have taken the liberty of joining the rpg so soon did. The transformation from message board into website and message board is almost done, I'm going to finish the items and quests and move them to the website very soon. A word to all the new members, please vote for my site as often as you can in the links below, but not more than once a day. More votes means a higher rank, and a higher rank means more members!

Have fun!

06/20/06 It's time to get crack'n

Well, it's about time to start. All the rules and techniques are finished now, and I just need some real members to begin. The items need alot of work still, as do the quests, but other than that, it is time for the second launch of my RPG!


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